Saturday, February 25, 2017

Science Quest Kids Meet Some Wild Animals

Check Out These Cool Wild Animals The Science Quest Kids Got To Meet!
 Bryden is holding a fox!  This is a full grown 3 year old fennec fox!  Learn more about the fennec fox here: Nat Geo Kids:Fennec Fox

Hudson is holding a black and white king snake

This was a very cool animal! It's called a Capybara.It's the largest rodent in the world!  They can weigh between 77 and 150 pounds.  Here is a fun video about a Capybara : capybara video

 Bryden is with a Cavy in this shot.  Another large rodent that is related to the guinea pig and the capybara! Here is another fun video full of fun facts about Cavies. Cavy video

 Hudson, getting a hug from the fennec fox.  So cuddly and soft!

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